David Dale Shyogwe Trust

David Dale
Shyogwe Trust

The Trust supports the work of The Episcopal Church of Rwanda in Shyogwe Diocese

Projects to relieve financial hardship due to poverty include preschool education, building work on churches, hospitals and training centres, supporting health programmes and vocational training.

The Trust always seeks a more sustainable future whilst 'helping the man in front of you'.

How it started
Following the 1994 genocide, three quarters of the population in that parish alone were widows and orphans – the needs of the people were great.  David Dale visited Shyogwe Diocese for the first time in April 1999 and immediately recognised that funds raised in the UK could go a long way to helping a people so traumatised by the genocide. 

The Trust came into being and over the years has grown – both in numbers of supporters and in the numbers of Rwandans supported. Over the past five years, over £200,000 has been raised. Canon David Dale, former Commissary to Bishop Jered, is now retired but makes the occasional visit to Shyogwe Diocese and maintains a keen interest in the Trust.  He is invaluable in his knowledge of the people and their family history and of a culture so different to that of the UK. 

Each year, one or more of the Trustees travel to Shyogwe Diocese thereby maintaining personal links with those whom we aim to support. 

These visits are self-funded and we seek to:
  • support the Bishop in Shyogwe by visiting parishes and encouraging pastors and congregations
  • monitor projects – observing the progress made between visits and assessing additional needs that might be supported by the Trust whether in building, education, training and/or health projects
  • provide reports of visits detailing progress on existing and planned projects.

Healthy Mums Projects

The David Dale Shyogwe Trust is supporting the work of the Mother’s Union in Rwanda which sets up ‘Healthy Mums Projects’ to help young mothers. 

Many of these girls have no parents to show them how to look after their babies and so these projects are vital. 

Clementine (right) would like to set up a new project in a particularly poor area to help the very vulnerable young mothers there. 

The Mothers Union also encourage the mums to form co-operatives to sustain themselves and once the babies become toddlers they train them to provide nursery education. In this way help is given to present and future generations. 

Members of St Michael’s knitted clothes and toys for these children. 
Click to donate to Healthy Mums

Avocado Tree Saplings

The David Dale Shyogwe Trust would like to help the redevelopment of avocado plantations in Rwanda. 

Avocado trees help to stop soil erosion, improve soil quality and provide food and an income for people in poverty.

Each tree sapling costs £1 and you can purchase one by clicking the link below. You can also download and print a gift token if you would like to gift this donation to someone else. Simply click the image below to download it.
Click to buy a tree sapling
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