St Michael and All Angels, Bishops Cleeve

with Southam, Woodmancote, Cleeve Hill, Gotherington, Woolstone & Oxenton

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Welcome to St Michael's


...where we hope you'll find:

  • Wide-ranging, good quality Christian worship
  • Intelligent exploration of how God speaks to our lives
  • Clear thinking on what Jesus can mean to you (see What is a Christian for more)
  • Help with knowing God's Holy Spirit in ways which are right for you
  • Lively activities for children, young people and adults
  • A centre of Good News for our community and the wider world
  • Good friends to help celebrate life's high points and support you when life is tough

Find upcoming events in our Full Calendar of Events, look at our Mission Statement, or explore any of the links around this page.



Faith on the Frontline

FrontlinesFaith on the Frontline is our Autumn 2014 programme, re-imagining life between Sundays.

 One of our church’s agreed priorities is to “Equip us to live as followers of Jesus in our ‘frontlines’… the places we are and the people we’re with between Sundays”. This season of church life coming up (our Sunday themes, our Small Group discussions) is a planned to help this become a reality.

We'll understand our ‘Frontline’ as that place where we recognise God’s calling to engage with non-Christians in mission. This includes us all (retired, paid or unpaid employee, boss, unemployed, parent, carer…)

Being a disciple, a follower of Jesus is for the whole of life. There is no area, no person and no moment of our lives that Jesus isn’t interested in. All of life matters to God. When we really grasp that then every place we go, everyone we’re with, takes on a dimension!

So what are we hoping for over the next few months?

  • We'll celebrate that Jesus is Lord of all, and all of life matters to God (There is no divide between the so-called secular and so-called spiritual worlds)
  • We'll grow as church to have a better understanding & sharing with one another of what we face through the week. And so many ordinary but important real life stories will be heard and shared on Sundays and in our Small Groups.
  • We'll plan for each of us to feel more encouraged and equipped to be followers of Jesus on our Frontlines, knowing that Jesus is interested in every aspect of our lives.
  • We'll recognise that the whole of our lives can be fruitful in God’s good purposes.

Sunday Talks:

  • 7th Sept All of life matters to God - There is no divide between the ‘secular’ and the ‘spiritual’. Jesus is Lord of the whole of life, and he’s interested in all of it!
  • 14th Sept What am I here for and what’s my purpose? Discovering our vocation and call. And how is that possible when I’m not in my dream job or situation?
  • 21st Sept God’s plan for work How is work viewed in the Bible? You may end up re-imagining what you do whether it’s paid, unpaid, voluntary, caring, whatever!
  • 28th Sept Stories from the Frontline - This is St Michael & All Angels Sunday – The archangel had his battle line on which to fight. We will hear stories from our Frontlines as we celebrate the lives God has given us.
  • 5th Oct Harvest Festival – We will celebrate all that God has given us. We are invited to bring to church anything that symbolises our lives between Sundays. E.g. tools etc from our housework, garden, workplace etc past or present, symbols of caring for somebody or leisure and hobby activities)
  • 12th Oct God’s plans for rest - God rested, and told us to do the same. But why is Sabbath time important? And what if I never get time to spare?
  • 19th Oct Recreation, play and Sport - What God thinks of them, how we are to view them. We may invite you wear or bring something!

More about us

ViewBishop's Cleeve lies just north of Cheltenham, between the Cotswold Hills and the River Severn. Our church has been the centre of village life for over 800 years, and today we are home to a wide range of people who are discovering the difference God makes in our lives.

St Michael and All Angels (usually known just as St Michael's) is the central church of the Anglican Benefice which also includes Oxenton, Woolstone, Gotherington, Woodmancote, Cleeve Hill and Southam. You can find out about our smaller communities at Our Churches & Communities, including our local Methodist, Catholic and Free churches.

If your interest is in marking one of life's big events, have a look at Weddings, Baptisms & Funerals; or if you'd like to know about some of the exciting things we do as Christians go to Our Life Together. Children & Young People describes the programme we run specifically for them; while Historic Buildings & Records discusses our historic building and our extensive graveyard records. Worship, Music & Bells takes a detailed look at these aspects of our church's life, and lastly Official Stuff deals with all the good governance and administration that it takes to keep a church running - including our Church Council. 


Contact Us (Temporary)

Email addresses are unavailable while we update and improve this service. In the meantime, please call the Church Office on 01242 673612 if you need to contact us.


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Sunday 26 October

08.00 Holy Communion (short & reflective)
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11.15 Morning Worship with Holy Communion (informal & contemporary)

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Bishop_MartynSunday 7 December

Confirmation Service at St Michael's with the Bishop of Tewkesbury, the Rt Rev Martyn Snow.

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