St Michael's, Bishop's Cleeve

with Southam, Woodmancote, Cleeve Hill, Gotherington, Woolstone & Oxenton

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Jesus is alive and living in us now - the message of Easter!

tn_Empty_Tomb_1Join us as we journey through the Easter story and celebrate its fantastic culmination in the truth that Jesus is not only alive but lives in us today.

Our worship schedule is over on the right... we encourage you to invite friends, colleagues, neighbours and family to join us.

Click on the link to hear a fantastic Easter Song... In Christ alone my hope is found; He is my light, my strength, my song.


Welcome to the heart of Bishop's Cleeve


Here's what we hope you'll find if you come to visit us:

  • A warm welcome to a wide range of Christian worship
  • An intelligent approach to understanding how God speaks to our lives
  • Clear thinking on what Jesus can mean to you (see What is a Christian for more)
  • Help with knowing God's Holy Spirit in ways which are right for you
  • Lively activities for children, young people and adults
  • Good friends to help celebrate life's high points and give support when things are tough
  • A centre of Good News for our community and the wider world

You can find upcoming events in our Church Calendar, including our complete worship schedule; or you can find more about us at Our Mission Statement


More about us

ViewBishop's Cleeve lies just north of Cheltenham, between the Cotswold Hills and the River Severn. Our church has been the centre of village life for over 800 years, and today we welcome a wide range of people who are discovering the difference God makes in our lives.

St Michael and All Angels (usually known just as St Michael's) is the central church of the Anglican Benefice which also includes Oxenton, Woolstone, Gotherington, Woodmancote, Cleeve Hill and Southam. You can find out about our smaller communities at Our Churches, Parishes and Partners, and about our local Methodist, Catholic and Free churches.

If your interest is in marking one of life's big events, have a look at Weddings, Baptisms & Funerals; or if you'd like to know about some of the exciting things we do as Christians go to Our Life Together.  Children & Young People describes the programme we run specifically for them; while Information and History gives a lot of basic information and a fascinating history of our church building. Lastly Worship & Music takes a detailed look at these aspects of our church's life. 


40 Days with Jesus

40_Days_Logo_3_400_x_30040 Days with Jesus is our teaching and study programme after Easter, taking us through all the main accounts of Jesus’ resurrection and what he said to his people as we take his mission forward.

We’ll be combining Sunday teaching with Home Group studies and other opportunities – or if you’d like to use the material privately that’s an option too.

Click here for more.


St Michael the Archangel & his Travels

weathervane1Back in February the high winds brought our weathervane (St Michael the Archangel) down. He's away getting repaired, but for the moment we have no weathervane and we can't fly our flag at Easter (20th April) or on St George's Day (23rd April). But at least we'll be ringing our bells, in celebration of the great festival and our national day.

Click here for more about St Michael and his progress. 


News & Events

Easter Eve Saturday 19 April

17.30 Service of Reflection

Easter Sunday 20 April

08.00 Holy Communion (short & reflective)
11.00 Easter Celebration

More details of our Service Pattern


Public Calendar of Events
Private Diary for Bookings
All Services in our Benefice

News and Notices

Weekly Newsletter
Village-wide for April
Gloucester Diocese

Special Events

Saturday 26 April

Women's Film night (details tba)


Sunday 11 May

15.00 Licensing of the Rev Richard Reakes as our Team Vicar.

Click here for the formal notice and here for a photo and biography


Sat 17 May

09.30 Women's Breakfast at St Michael's Hall


Sat 7 June

15.30 Women's Afternoon Tea and Fellowship at St Michael's Hall


Sat 28 June

20.00 Women's Pudding Evening at St Michael's Hall


Sat 19 July

Women's Walk on Cleeve Hill (details tba)


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