St Michael & All Angels, Bishops Cleeve - with Oxenton, Woolstone, Gotherington, Woodmancote, Cleeve Hill & Southam

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Welcome to St Michael's...


...where we hope you'll find:

  • Wide-ranging, good quality Christian worship
  • Intelligent exploration of how God speaks to our lives
  • Clear thinking on what Jesus can mean to you (see What is a Christian for more)
  • Help with knowing God's Holy Spirit in ways which are right for you
  • Lively activities for children, young people and adults
  • A centre of Good News for our community and the wider world
  • Good friends to help celebrate life's high points and support you when life is tough

Find upcoming events in our All Public Events, look at our Mission Statement, or explore any of the links around this page.


More about us

ViewBishop's Cleeve lies just north of Cheltenham, between the Cotswold Hills and the River Severn. Our church has been the centre of village life for over 800 years, and today we are home to a wide range of people who are discovering the difference God makes in our lives.

St Michael and All Angels (usually known just as St Michael's) is the central church of the Anglican Benefice which also includes Oxenton, Woolstone, Gotherington, Woodmancote, Cleeve Hill and Southam. You can find out about our smaller communities at Our Churches & Communities, including our local Methodist, Catholic and Free churches.

If your interest is in marking one of life's big events, have a look at Weddings, Baptisms & Funerals; or if you'd like to know about some of the exciting things we do as Christians go to Our Life Together. Children & Young People describes the programme we run specifically for them; while Historic Buildings & Records discusses our historic building and our extensive graveyard records. Worship, Music & Bells takes a detailed look at these aspects of our church's life, and lastly Official Stuff deals with all the good governance and administration that it takes to keep a church running - including our Church Council. 


Get in SHAPE!

6287269SHAPE is our approach to discovering our gifts and using them in God's service. The five letters of SHAPE mean Spiritual Gifts, Heart's Desire, Abilities, Personality and Experiences. We'll be working through these in June and July, following on from our Weekend Away in May.

Click on the links below to find out more and to use the material yourself.

14 June - All SPIRITUAL GIFTS Welcome

SHAPE - the Talk (based on 1 Corinthians 12.4-26)

SHAPE - Handout for the Talk

SHAPE - Detailed List of Spiritual Gifts

SHAPE - Small Group Notes on Spiritual Gifts

21 June - Celebrating our ABILITIES

SHAPE - Small Group Notes on Abilities

SHAPE - Abilities in the Christian Community

28 June - Celebrating our PERSONALITIES

SHAPE - Small Group Notes on Personality

12 July - What's your HEART's Desire?

SHAPE - Your Heart's Desire (Leader's Notes)

SHAPE - Your Heart's Desire (Handout)

19 July - EXPERIENCES matter


Sunday 2 August

08.00 Holy Communion (Said)
09.30 Holy Communion (Choir & Organ)
11.15 All-Age Worship (Music Band)

News & Notices

Weekly News-sheet
Gloucester Diocese


Calendar of All Public Events
Calendar of Worship Services
Vestry Diary Bookings (Private)
St Michael's Centre / Hall


Saturday 12 September, 10.00am onwards

Ride & Stride is back!


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