Baptism Preparation Course

Baptism Preparation Course

We are always delighted when parents choose this route for their child and we run regular courses to help you prepare and consider what's involved.

The course takes the form of three short sessions of around an hour or so, and also includes joining us for one of our 11.15am services. 

These sessions have proved popular with parents and are often a catalyst for friendships and mutual support. It can also provide a smooth introduction to our pre-school groups that run during the week and on Sundays, and is a great way to discover a whole new church family and support network headed up by our Children & Families Minister, Sallie Mumford.

Before the course, you will receive a pack in the post which will contain:
- a map showing how to get to the Centre;
- a copy of the Gospel of St Luke which the clergy would like all parents to read before the first meeting as elements of this will form part of the general discussions. (Please make sure you have read at least chapter 15.);
- some questions you might find helpful to make notes around prior to these conversations.  

In order to keep our time together short and focussed, our Baptism sessions are ‘parents only’ and we try hard to keep to time, but we do appreciate it can be difficult to get childcare for little ones and are happy for under 3-month old babies to accompany you if necessary. Please let us know if childcare arrangements are an issue and we will try to provide a crèche. 

Please also see our page about Baptisms & Thanksgivings for information.

The Church of England's Christenings website is a good resource and provides lots of useful advice. 

When you have completed the course, you can book your child's baptism or you may decide to have a Thanksgiving service instead. If you would like to know more, please contact us at the Church Office.
"The Baptism course was really useful. We also enjoyed coming to the Sunday services and received such a warm welcome from the people at St Michael's."
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