Praying Together

Praying Together

Prayer is a fundamental element of a Christian's life: it assures us of our relationship with our loving God, and it's a vital channel whereby we share his goodness with our world.

As a church, we are charged with praying for our parish and its people: we take this responsibility seriously and address it in various ways.

Every week in our Sunday worship, we pray for our country, our community and ourselves. We also often have a time of prayer ministry during our 11.15am service where we can pray more directly for each other.

We operate a Prayer Chain, where requests for prayer can be quickly passed round our church members by email. You can email our Prayer Chain on:

We also operate a Prayer Wall, where people commit to prayer for 1/2 hour slots throughout the week. Topics for the Prayer Wall are usually published weekly in our newsheet.

This is an informal time with no real agenda except to worship and seek God. We worship, listen to scripture, exercise spiritual gifts and pray. This meeting is held in the church twice a month, once on a Thursday evening (7.45pm) and once on a Saturday morning (9am).

A quiet and reflective hour involving music, liturgy, a thought from scripture and a time for personal prayer. This takes place in the church every first Saturday of the month, starting at 9am for breakfast followed by worship at 9.30am.

At a one-to-one level we're always happy to pray for you, or with you, if you'd like to know the assurance of God's love and care.

Do contact the Church Office for more information. If you're new to prayer, you may also like to visit the Church of England website page about How to Pray.

Principles of the St Michael's Prayer Chain

Prayer Request
Your prayer request will be read by a trusted member of our church Prayer team.

Usually this will be Ian Drake, but when he is away it will be passed to another trusted person.

Your request will then be passed on to others who will pray seriously and treat your personal information in confidence.

We will normally forward your request on by email, so email address details will usually be passed on unless you ask us not to. ‚Äč

While we will try to treat all information in confidence, please consider carefully whether you want to name others or discuss particular details in your email, bearing in mind what is appropriate in terms of sharing personal information.

We also welcome others to join our prayer chain, please contact us through the Prayer Request button.
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