Churches Together

Churches Together is a loose and friendly association of the various churches in Bishop's Cleeve and surrounding areas. The chairman is our esteemed Richard Reakes and the secretary is Ann Jessop. Clergy and lay members represent the Woodmancote Free Church, The Methodist Church, the Catholics, and the Anglicans of our whole benefice. 

We invite each other to come to suitable events run by our own churches. For example, all the churches are invited to Richard's garden party, to the All Souls service, to One World Week. 

Every year, at Christmas, we put together an ecumenical leaflet which describes events that can be shared by all our congregations and by those who do not usually come to church, and we publicise these in our village pubs, shops etc.

Every Lent we draw together an ecumenical package of Lent courses, small groups and Easter services and we encourage our congregations to visit each other for a common exploration of God's Word.

Our policy is not so much to generate new activities, but to share what we already have. We have no constitution but our broad aim is to share our experiences of the love of God. 

To find out more, please contact us.

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