Mission Macedonia

Mission Macedonia

Mission Macedonia seeks to share the love of Christ through financial help and practical action in and around Macedonia.

Mission Macedonia is an organisation founded by Richard Jobbins together with Jason Bryant. It is a registered charity (no. 1174265).

The organisation came about from the love of Macedonia and the people and an earnest desire to bless, encourage and support them. They believe by supporting, encouraging and equipping the Church, they are giving them the tools to do the same for those in their communities in need. They rely extensively on Jimmy, his Church networks, local knowledge and their hands-on approach to ensure that support is prayerfully directed where the need is greatest.

They seek to bless, encourage, support and equip the church in Macedonia. They also seek to impact the lives of those who are in poverty, poor health, marginalised and in any type of need. 

They held their first conferences, called 'New Hope', during Easter 2017. They hope that through these conferences they will see unity between different denominations flourish in Macedonia. 


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