Our Beliefs

What is a Christian?

There's a lot that can be said about the Christian faith, but in essence it's very simple: it's all about getting into a right relationship with God, trusting Jesus as the one who makes that relationship work, and committing to live in God's way and in his power.

In more detail we believe:
  • God loves the world he made, and he wants us to live in good relationships with him.
  • But people everywhere have rebelled against God and have tried to run the world themselves.
  • Because God loves us, he sent Jesus his son into the world to rescue us. 
  • Jesus died to pay the price of our rebellion, and rose from death to show his victory over sin. 
  • God offers us a true forgiveness and a new start when we invite Jesus in to run our lives.
  • Once we've invited Jesus in, we commit to living in his way...and in return, God gives us power to do it. That power we call by various names - the Holy Spirit, the power of God, the life of Jesus in us: but fundamental to all Christians is the experience that we live out our faith in a miraculous power that comes from God, rather than simply in our own strength. 
We offer a range of opportunities to find out more about the Christian faith, including courses for interested seekers, new believers, and those who'd like to refresh their faith.

You can also read more about our faith on the Gloucester Diocese website and the Church of England website.

If you'd like to know more, please get contact us at the Church Office.
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